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Insightful Estate Litigation Representation

Often, the process of administering an estate moves forward without any issues. However, disputes may arise that cause the estate to be handled through litigation. In these situations, it’s probably best to ensure that your rights are protected with the help of an experienced estate litigation lawyer.

At Shimada Law, we have years of experience with the court processes involved in lawsuits regarding estates, trusts and wills. Attorney Alexis Shimada is a savvy litigator who uses her extensive understanding of the Oregon probate laws to seek creative resolutions to any disputes you are facing. Our firm represents people who are seeking a resolution to an estate dispute or filing a claim against an estate.

Whether you are a beneficiary, executor, or trustee or you believe you are a potential beneficiary who was left out of a will, our firm can help. Court processes surrounding estate or probate litigation can be complicated and require the help of an attorney who has handled many cases in court.

Emotionally Charged Will Contests

Though challenges to the estate may come from outside the family, the issues become exacerbated if a will contest or dispute originates from a loved one or family member. Though these can dredge up a lifetime of emotions, we work tirelessly to see that a resolution is reached while minimizing additional stress.

Get Valuable Legal Insights At Your Free Appointment

If you are thinking about contesting a will, you will have to make many decisions about your legal needs and how to pursue them. Our attorneys offer experience-based advice personally tailored to you beginning at your very first appointment. To sit down and speak with our team, reach us by phone at 503-863-2732 or email us to get started.