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Carefully Navigating The Probate Process

Probate is a court-supervised process that involves distributing the deceased person’s assets. If you have been named the personal representative of a loved one’s estate, you are probably aware that you are taking on many complicated tasks. Your first step should be to hire a skilled lawyer.

At Shimada Law, we have the skill, knowledge and focus you need to make the probate process as efficient as possible. Attorney Alexis Shimada has strong experience representing clients in all aspects of probate, asset distribution and estate planning. She has a full command of Oregon’s probate law and will work diligently on your behalf.

If you live outside the state of Oregon, we can handle these processes without you having to travel.

Guiding You Step By Step Through Probate

A personal representative has agreed to take on many duties. If a personal representative fails in any of these duties, they could be personally liable for any financial losses. For this reason alone, it is critical to work with an attorney. These steps include:

  • Notifying creditors
  • Identifying and creating an inventory of all estate assets
  • Paying all valid estate debts
  • Paying all taxes owed by the estate
  • Submitting an accounting of the estate
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries

For estates with relatively few assets (currently $75,000 or less of personal property and $200,000 or less of real property), we can complete what is known as the small estate process.

Our law firm places a high priority on keeping our clients informed about the process. We also understand that many people are justifiably concerned about receiving an inheritance. As such, we do our best to complete the process without any undue delay. Every step we take is with the goal of helping you.

Give Yourself Peace Of Mind As You Mourn

Probate can be overwhelming, and right now you should have the space to focus on you and your loved ones. Take the pressure off you, and call 503-863-2732 or email us to get started.