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Do I Need A Probate Attorney?

The probating of an estate can be a complicated process. Many people wonder, “do I really need a probate lawyer?” The answer is typically yes. While probate can be handled without an attorney, the best way to ensure your interests are protected is to have a skilled advocate on your side.

Probate involves the settlement of an estate, either according to a valid will or estate planning documents, or state law in the absence of a will. Either way, a simple process may become complicated at any point in time and require the assistance of a professional who thoroughly understands probate and the impact that any outcomes may have on your life, family and future.

Why Choose Shimada Law?

Led by attorney Alexis Shimada, our firm has extensive experience handling all aspects of probate. We maintain a statewide practice for probate and other estate planning matters, representing clients in the Portland area as well as Beaverton and Salem, where we have office locations. This allows us to not only serve clients throughout Oregon but also provide representation to out-of-state clients who may have probate matters to be settled in any Oregon-based jurisdiction.

What To Do If There Are Disagreements About The Estate?

It may be simple if the estate proceeds through probate unchallenged. However, if issues are raised regarding the estate, it is even more important to consult with an attorney. Any issues, if not resolved through negotiation, may result in litigation. These cases are often resolved with the help of a judge or jury in court and thus need a savvy attorney to stand up and articulate the facts of the case.

Do You Have Probate Questions? We Have Answers.

The truth is that it is always advisable to work with a probate attorney so that you do not make mistakes that come back to haunt you. Our firm is happy to help and will treat you with the respect and personal care you deserve. Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your specific questions and concerns during a free initial consultation. Call 503-863-2732 or contact us online to learn more about the potential resolutions for your probate situation.