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Helping Families Take Control of Legal Issues

Your family has come to a crossroads and you need assistance with a legal matter. You are not sure how to handle this complex problem — you only know that you need to resolve your issue as soon as possible and successfully emerge on the other side.

When Oregon families need an attorney, they put their trust in Shimada Law. At our law firm, we work hand in hand with clients to obtain the best possible resolution to each case. We can provide you with the information that you need to make informed decisions about how to best care for a loved one.

There may be an instance where a loved one needs assistance with medical or financial decisions, but has not executed necessary estate planning documents. If your loved one’s capacity may be questioned, it is suggested that you contact an attorney to help make that determination. Often, a guardianship and/or conservatorship may be the next step to protect your loved one. Both proceedings are overseen by the probate court in the county where your loved one resides. The appointed guardian or conservator acts in the best interest of their loved one, also referred to as the “protected person.”

We can help guide you through the court process and help you protect your loved one when they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves.

  • Guardianship: A guardian is appointed by the court and has the authority to make decisions about another person’s health and well-being. This may include: placing a loved one into a residential facility, facilitating in-home care, etc.
  • Conservatorships: A conservator is appointed by the court and has the authority to handle another person’s finances and assets. This may include: paying bills, transferring funds, selling property, etc.

These proceedings may be necessary to protect the interests of a minor, a disabled adult child, a disabled adult, an incapacitated adult (i.e. dementia, Alzheimer’s), a vulnerable adult, etc.

Get Help for Many Legal Issues in One Place

Practice areas like guardianships and conservatorships, estate planning, elder law, and probate often intersect. For example, prior appointment of a medical power of attorney or financial power of attorney may avoid the need for a future guardianship or conservatorship.

It is important to work with an attorney who understands the many nuances of these overlapping areas and has experience in each field. If your case involves more than one practice area, then Shimada Law. can assist you. We have experience with numerous complex cases that involve intersecting practice areas. Contact us today at 503-863-2732 for your free consultation or use our online form.