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New Firm Changes

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Firm News |

In October 2020, Alexis Shimada became the Managing Partner of Famulary, LLC. On January 1, 2021, Adam Famulary relinquished his interest in the firm to move onto a new career. The firm is in the process of formally changing its name and will soon be known as “Shimada Law.” Logo, website, and email addresses will be changing. You may still email the previous email addresses as they are set up to forward to our new email addresses. Our physical locations, phone number, and fax number will remain the same. Alexis Shimada is the primary attorney at the Salem office but does see clients at the Beaverton office. While our physical locations are in Beaverton (Washington County) and Salem (Marion County), we do regularly file cases into other counties.

A Message from Adam Famulary

Hello everyone.  I started practicing law in 2013, and I hired Alexis Shimada in 2018.  Beginning January 1, 2021, I moved onto a different career.  Alexis now owns the firm, and Amanda is still an associate attorney. They are now serving my former clients.  I helped train and mentor both of them, and have the utmost confidence in their abilities.  You’re in good hands.  Take care.

— Adam Famulary

 Upcoming Changes

Quickbooks: For the past 6 months, the firm has been transitioning all of its client accounting to Quickbooks. In the near future, all billing statements and invoices will be sent electronically from Quickbooks. There will be an option to pay online directly, or you may mail a check to the Salem office. We hope to start sending statements exclusively via Quickbooks by March 1, 2021 (for February billing statements). If you do not receive a monthly billing statement, it is likely because you do not get billed monthly due to the type of case we are assisting you with. If you have any questions or would prefer a paper statement, please reach out to Alexis Shimada.

Blog Posts: We plan to resume posting to our blog page. Blog posts will include: firm updates, statutory changes, State and Federal law updates, general information regarding estate planning, probate, and protective proceedings.

Social Media: We currently have a Facebook page. We have not been too active on that page, but intend to change that! We will be posting our blog posts both on the website and on our Facebook page. There may be posts on our Facebook page that will not be posted to our website, so we encourage you to like our page to stay as up to date as possible with firm news.